People Analytics: Using Data to Drive HR Strategy and Action

Google does HR by the numbers. The company’s ambitious Project Oxygen initiative compiled management data across managers and employees, then analyzed and applied its findings to make teams more effective. In this session, Mitch Flax an analyst in Google’s People Analytics department, looks at what it means to use data to drive decisions and action in the HR function, and examples of how this process can transform organizations

This presentation will help you understand:

  • People Analytics at Google

  • People Analytics Value Chain at Google

  • How Google has used people data to influence action

Project Oxygen

Within the people analytics department Google has created a group called the Information Lab, which comprises of social scientists who are part of the people analytics department but focus on longer term questions with the aim of conducting innovative research that transforms organizational practice within Google and beyond. This team took on the project of answering the question: Do Managers Matter – code named ‘Project Oxygen’.

Kathryn Dekas is one of the leaders of Google’s HR Analytics team that Mitch Flax serves on. This video should give you a taste of the type of presentation you can expect

Biography of Speaker

As a member of the People Analytics team at Google, Mitch Flax manages key work streams in workforce planning, including research on the impact of organizational structure on effectiveness and efficiency, as well as development of tools for leaders and HR business partners to make decisions about organizational structure. He has provided various leaders at Google with key insights on drivers of employee satisfaction, efficiency opportunities in promotion processes, and aligning sales compensation plans. His forecasting and reporting tools are widely used to empower people managers and analysts to make decisions about hiring and management. Mitch has previously worked as a math teacher in the Teach For America program and as an analyst at Mercer in executive compensation.

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