What am I in Agile, Role and Responsibility Clarity for Agile w/ Ian Maple, Intuit. (Earn 2 CDU’s)

Ever feel like a square peg in a round hole? Are you undergoing or considering an Agile transformation in your enterprise and wonder how, or even if, your team’s jobs map to this new ‘Agile’ thing? If so, you are not alone, many people struggle with this fundamental question, ‘What am I in Agile?’

Session Objective

Join us in this session to learn how to effectively map any person to the new Agile roles needed as a foundation for a high performing Agile team, regardless of their current role or job title. This is a great opportunity to uncover various Agile roles and how business analyst, functional analyst etc from diverse backgrounds fit in Agile environment. We will also explore some other important roles on and around Agile teams e.g ‘Product Owner’. This session will include hands on experience with our Agile responsibility mapping activity.

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About Speaker

Ian Maple is an experienced global technology leader having led and worked with software development teams and organizations around the world. He is also rumored to have written some software himself back in the day. Ian is currently serving as the Agile Transformation Leader for Intuit, a California based financial software company with 7700 employees in offices in the United States, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Brazil and Israel. He is responsible for building and driving the enterprise ‘Intuit Agile’ program which delivers a consistent, yet highly flexible, Agile approach to hundreds of teams as they advance to the next level of agility.

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